Disability Insurance

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Your current health coverage may not provide enough protection!

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Why You Should Consider Disability Insurance?

The reality is that any working person bringing in an income, particularly an individual with a family, should consider and would benefit from this type of insurance. Many people think that worker’s compensation insurance will provide necessary financial protection in the event of an injury or illness. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that worker’s compensation benefits only exist if an individual is injured at the workplace. But in reality is that often that a worker contracts an illness or sustains an injury outside the workplace that can cause disability.

How  Does This Disability Insurance Work?

When a person sustains an injury or becomes ill and unable to work, he or she files a claim with a an insurance carrier that provides this type of coverage. The insurance company reviews the claim, determines eligibility for compensation and tenders payment to an insured person if the claim is approved.

Several Types of Disability Coverage To Choose From

Disability insurance comes in a variety of different forms, with varying types of coverage. The most common type of insurance designed to aid in the event of a disability provides compensation to cover a portion of the income or wages a person normally would have earned in the absence of the injury or illness. Other policy types provide a more extensive wage related compensation and assistance with other expenses incurred by a person during a period of disability

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